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Welcome to the catalogue of a categorically cataclysmic concatenation...

The Infinite Cat Project is about one cat watching another. A long line of 1795 cats so far. The very first Infinaut is Frankie, seen at left admiring a flower. He is the owner of Paul Hamilton.

If you'd like to add your own fuzzy friend to the Infinite Queue you can find all the details here. Or just take a picture of your kitty watching the kitty below and email it to me. It's just that easy.

Gibbs the cat

Our latest Infinaut, Cat #1795: Gibbs

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"Well, I WAS sleeping in heavenly peace until you started yelling."


December 22, 2014: "The cat has too much spirit to have no heart" - Ernest Menault


Simon gets tips for taking cats to the vet.



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"I have you now-ow-owwwwww!"


simon's story

Simon's Christmas Story.

WALLA WALLA — Before Santa climbs down that first chimney on Christmas Eve, Jacob Streck already knows this is the best Christmas of his seven-year life.

Last week the second-grader was reunited with Simon, the cat who had been in his life forever. And it happened through ways Jacob’s family can only describe as miraculous.
#When Jacob’s uncle, Eric Dahlen, lost Simon last summer, it seemed like one more — and final — swing of the 14-year pendulum of the cat’s life.

Things started off unlucky for the tuxedo feline with white bib and paws. Simon was born to a feral mother in a “party house,” Dahlen said. “And then one of the guys that lived there got a dog and that pit bull started eating the baby kittens.”

The homeowner — and main party dude — encouraged Dahlen to save a kitten. That day a young Simon rode on his adoptive dad’s dashboard to Dahlen’s home in North Portland, where the two lived for the next seven years.

There Simon tested the “nine lives” theory several times — mostly by getting stuck in trees and once by eating rat poison, Dahlen recalled. “It was lucky I saw him doing it. I had to rush him to the emergency vet.”

Seven years later plus a move back to Dahlen’s hometown, Simon’s luck remained status quo. Again the cat ate rat poison, visited a veterinarian in the middle of the night, lodged himself in trees and wandered the neighborhood off Stateline Road.

Simon always came home, though. Until the day he didn’t.

That was at the tail end of August, Dahlen said. He scoured the nearby roads, yards and businesses looking for the lost cat, to no avail. Jacob, who lives with a diagnosis of autism, fretted.

“Simon is Jacob’s best friend,” explained Betty Streck, Dahlen’s mom and grandmother to Jacob.

Betty and husband Rick Streck are raising Jacob ... and Simon, so to speak. While Dahlen lives next door, the cat seems to prefer to stay close to his little buddy. Her grandson feels the same.

“He needs animals around to soothe him,” Betty Streck said.

Dahlen’s next step was to make and distribute fliers all around, including down the road at Walla Walla Nursery Company.

Katherine Donaldson said she’ll never forget when the man came into her sales office at the nursery.

“I saw the flier, and (Dahlen) had these ... like ... glamour shots of his cat on it. But he looked like Grizzly Adams. He looked like someone who would own a Labrador. I was thinking ‘Wow, this guy really loves his cat.’”

Donaldson was also thinking Simon had to be long gone, despite wearing a collar with his name engraved on it. Stateline Road runs through countryside attractive to stray dogs and footloose coyotes. Traffic on the old road lowers the survival rate of all area animals, she said.

Months passed. Dahlen continued on in his house-painting business and Jacob started second grade. Donaldson focused on her health, which is threatened by stage 4 breast cancer, while continuing to work. At some point the “missing cat” flier disappeared, she said.

Fast forward to Dec. 12 and the next swing of Simon’s luck.

Donaldson was at Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center getting chemotherapy and chatting with oncology nurse Kim Hellman.

In the exchange she learned Hellman lived on Stateline Road, and Donaldson told the nurse she worked at the wholesale plant business on the same road.

“I told her the story about the guy who had brought around the flier,” Donaldson said. “She looked at me and said, ‘Is the cat’s name Simon?’ I told her it was and she said, ‘I have the cat. I have been feeding him since summer. He is outdoors, with the rest of the cats.’”

When Simon first showed up in the Hellman yard, her family had put effort into finding his owner, Kim said. “We have cats and we know how bad it is when you lose a cat.”

The feline’s collar had a Portland number that was disconnected when Kim called, she said. So we put the number in the computer and backtracked and called someone with the same last name.”

As Simon’s luck would have it, it wasn’t the right Dahlen.

Before any of that, however, came a group effort to get Simon out of the tree where Hellman’s German shepherd had him sequestered. Once down they let Simon go, thinking he would head home.

Three days later, their barking dog alerted the Hellmans to Simon’s presence in a basement window well. The morning after that the cat emerged from the wood pile and began eating with the family felines.

“We took his collar off so he wouldn’t get hung up in the wood,” Kim said.

Eventually Simon became another pet, she added. “What’s one more meal?”

No one suspected Simon’s original family was three or so houses away. It took Donaldson to put the puzzle together.

She had no idea of the phone number of the long-ago flier, Donaldson said, but something Dahlen had said stuck.

“I remembered he said he lived in the third house on the right by the Oasis stop sign,” she said. “So I stopped by there before work yesterday and I stopped the car that was driving down the driveway. He said Simon was (Dahlen’s) cat and he gave me his phone number.”

Dahlen could barely allow himself to think the text he got Monday could be real, he later said. “Like, how could it be true? I instantly called.”

A black and white ball of purr assures all of them it really is true, Streck said. Simon, normally sporting a little attitude and not one to solicit company, can’t seem to get enough affection since returning home.

The same could be said for the rest of Simon’s family. Streck concedes she cried when Simon came back into the house Dahlen’s arms, and neither she nor her husband got much sleep that night.

Simon, understandably, has dogged Jacob’s footsteps, she said.

“I told Jacob, ‘Jesus answers prayers.’ In my heart he did this for us.”

Simon is home just in time to don his little Santa suit, Dahlen noted.

“He acts like he doesn’t like it, but he does.”.


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