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Frankie the cat
Infinaut #1

Welcome to the catalogue of a categorically cataclysmic concatenation...

The Infinite Cat Project is about one cat watching another. A long line of 1788 cats so far. The very first Infinaut is Frankie, seen at left admiring a flower. He is the owner of Paul Hamilton.

If you'd like to add your own fuzzy friend to the Infinite Queue you can find all the details here. Or just take a picture of your kitty watching the kitty below and email it to me. It's just that easy.

Tinker the cat

Our latest Infinaut, Cat #1788: Tinker

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August 28, 2014: "Cats look beyond appearances--beyond species entirely, it seems--to peer into the heart." - Barbara L. Diamond


Who knows what lurks in the hearts of cats? The shadow do.



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"Don't mind me."

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daddy cat

Are male cats good mommies?

If it wasn't for personal experience I would have said the answer is no, but I once became friends with a wild male cat who showed me otherwise.

I was living on Maui in a tiny ohana when my neighbor moved away and left a young, very pregnant tabby behind. We took pity on her and fed her and a couple weeks later she gave birth to six tiny, wet-black kittens on the carpet behind our couch.

While she was in process, a large black tom pushed open our screen door and came into the living room. He was a feral cat from the cane fields, wary of humans, and yet when my husband went to shoo him outside, he stood his ground. I had been raised to believe that male cats ate babies. My panic and an old broom got him back out and we locked the screen door. For the rest of the evening he stood on his hind feet, one paw resting on the screen and watched.

He was still on the porch the next day and the day after that. I put out some kibble - which he didn't eat. He stayed on the porch all week. After that first night he would run off if we approached him, but he'd come right back. He also spent a lot of time calling to them - short calls that sounded like "ark" or "airr."

By the end of the second week the kittens were opening their eyes. I still didn't trust him, but it seemed strange that he would spend so much time waiting to eat these six little guys when there were perfectly good mice and centipedes all over the yard. Finally I took one of the babies and held it up to the screen for him to smell. He sniffed it up and down then rubbed his cheek back and forth against the mesh.

The first time I let him in, the kittens were almost 4 weeks old. They were wobbly as they charged and wrestled with each other and tried to follow their mother, who did not seem fond of them at all and spent most of her time on furniture out of their reach. I don't remember the details that day, only that both he and I were very nervous, and that mama - who tended to hiss at him - was out of the house. He spent a while washing each kitten, and he kept his eye on me.

Within the next few weeks, we worked out a routine. In the morning I would open the screen door - mama cat would run out and he would step just inside and murmur. The kittens would run to him. After he washed their faces, they followed him in a line - tails straight up in the air - down the steps into the garden, where only his tail was visible above the tall grass.

One morning he showed up with a half dead centipede, killed it in front of them, and let them play with it. He taught them to kill mice too, and climb the lychee tree. For the next six months, until I moved taking the kittens with me, he was a daily visitor. Although he never let me touch him after the broom incident, he would often catch my eye and I like to think we developed a mutual friendship and respect.

So, yes. Male cats can be extraordinary fathers, and pretty amazing beings as well.


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Free Kibble for Kitties

I was alerted to a web site called by Beloved Girlfriend. You go there, play a simple trivia game and the site donates kibble to needy animal shelters. It's free and you can play once a day, every day. They obviously make a few bucks for themsleves but it's clear that the majority of proceeds goes to the animals, so please stop in when you can.

PS, you can also totally send some kitty vittles with just a click at Just visit the site and press the big purple button. That's all there is to it.

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"My Infinite Gratitude"

The following is a relatively short yet very heartening list of those who have contributed in support of the Infinite Cat Project over the years. In lieu of listing the names in any intelligent way I decided to post them alphabetically. It's not a perfect system, as those of you of Polish descent get the shaft again <grin> but at least it helps me keep the names straight.

In case you're wondering, names in white indicate donations of $5 or less, while green notates donations in excess of $10. The single listing in orange is for a very exceptional cat lover who recently earned the prestigious "Quadruple Kittyhead" for her generous and continuing support. (You know who you are and I want to have your children.)

M. Adam, S. Adams, L. Aimone, S. Almaguer, G. Ancell, M. Axtell, A. Bachman, D. Baker, O. Balaban, K. Berenson, H. Bielefeldt, T. Blassingame, P. Blassingame, A. Bolt, R. Bruner, J. Bullas, A. Chiang, M. Cogen, D. Conlin, B. Coren, M. Cracauer, D.Davis, M. Dawson, J. Delton, T. Devrick, J. Diamond, T. Dixon, C. Dofer, E. Dorfman, B. Dutton, E. Fitzpatrick, B. Fonteboa, E. Foss, B. Friesner, G. Garcia, M. Gordon, A. Greeley, A. Gunn, J. Hamblen, B. Harper, J. Hays, T. Henry, D. Herbert, A. Hertz, M. Hester, A. Hilbert, K. Hildebrandt, A. Hoger, P. Houser, V. Huston, , J. Ikeda, B. Jones, S. Jowett, P. Keachie, M. Knight, D. Lawley, W. Lee, M. Lufkin, C. Lewis, K. MacKenzie, M. Mcgann, J. McGinnis, M. Mckercher, S. Melhuish, T. Miles, D. Morse-Kahn, A. Neduha, A. Nelson, L. Nevins, C. O'Brien, A. Ocean,, K. Orman, K. Otto, Pinky & Bunny, R. Owens, J. Pavlov, R. Perry, C. Phillips, H. Pirani, C. Plant, R. Poletto, K. Pride, D. Rakowski, R. Redman, R. Riitala, M. Ryan, W. Ryngwelski,  D. Sanders, M. Schluter, H. Sherwood-Taylor, J. Sokel, S. Somero, M. Stabile, F. Street, J.P. Thompson, D. Thoms, G. Toland, C. Ullrich, J. van Luyt, A. Walls, J. Weisenfeld, K. Welles, B. Wilkinson, J. Williams.

I thank you, the cats thank you, and my web host thanks you.

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