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Infinite Cat Project Archives for May 2-6, 2016.

Mewsings: May 2, 2015 - "You can not look at a sleeping cat and feel tense." - Jane Pauley

box of liquid cat

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: Box of liquid cat.

Cat Mewvie: Cat vs. squirrel.

fussy eater cat

Today's Kitty Komic

christina hess

Feline Street Art: By Christina Hess.

hockey cat

Mystery hockey cat.
by Chris Peters

Before the San Jose Sharks were to take on the Nashville Predators in Game 1 of their second round playoff series, a black cat had somehow wandered onto the ice and crossed directly in front of the home bench inside SAP Center.

It was a little jarring, as it's not something you ever expect to see in an enclosed hockey rink. It also brought about a lot of questions, particularly if someone brought it into the arena on purpose and then released it.

The cat ended up escaping the ice through an open door and ran under the seats where he was found and "safely retrieved" by SAP Center staff on Saturday, according to the Sharks. While the team offered no information on how the cat actually got into the building, they are doing what they can to make sure the cat is well taken care of now.

The team is working with the local humane society to see if the cat has an owner and if not, they'll work on helping the cat get adopted. Apparently there's already been a flood of offers to take in the Sharks' new furry friend.

The team also gave the cat a name. He is Joe PAW-velski, after Sharks captain Joe Pavelski, of course.

More from the Sharks:

The Sharks are making arrangements to transfer "Joe PAW-velski" to a local animal shelter, where it will undergo a full health examination and a microchip scan, to ensure it does not already have an owner.

In the event the cat is healthy and is not micro-chipped, the Sharks anticipate that the cat will be made available for adoption. If that is the case, the Sharks will provide more information via the team's social media channels and when it becomes available.

San Jose Sharks Chief Operating Officer John Tortora issued the following statement:

"The amount of interest generated by 'Joe's' appearance and those wishing to adopt him has been overwhelming. We want to make sure the cat is safe and healthy and returned to its rightful owner, in the event it has a microchip. If he is indeed a stray, our goal is to find the best home for him with the support of our local animal shelters. If families are interested in adopting 'Joe' but unsuccessful, we strongly encourage you to consider adopting another animal in need of a good home from one of our terrific local animal shelters."

This is really cool of the Sharks, especially since so many people were concerned about the cat's well being. A hockey rink is an awfully scary place for a small animal.

In addition to the statement on what they plan to do with “littler Joe,” the team issued a warning to anyone who is planning to bring animals into the building. Perhaps that's in response to the possibility that someone released the cat in the building on purpose, which would be a really weird thing to do.

Here's what they had to say on that topic:

The Sharks believe strongly in the ethical and humane treatment of all animals. Any individual caught bringing a live or deceased animal into the building for any purpose will be immediately ejected from the venue and is subject to further prosecution from the law.

So in addition to cats, if you're a Predators fan hoping to bring the tradition of throwing a cat fish on the ice to San Jose, maybe save yourself the saran wrap and leave it home.

We'll definitely be looking forward to the next update on Joe PAW-velski and hope he either has or will find a nice home.

And just in case you thought black cats were a sign of bad luck, the Sharks won Game 1, 5-2. Maybe if they don't find a home right away, the team should keep him around for a bit. There's plenty of real estate inside Brent Burns or Joe Thornton's beards.

Mewsings: May 3, 2015 - "A cat can maintain a position of curled up somnolence on your knee until you are nearly upright. To the last minute she hopes your conscience will get the better of you and you will settle down again."- Pam Brown

two cats collide

Gratuitous Kittiness: Slow-motion collision.

Cat Mewvie: Ticklish kitty.

the difference bewteen cats and dogs

Today's Kitty Komic

cat on the moon

Feline Art: Artist unknown.

Mewsings: May 4, 2015 - "A cat pours his body on the floor like water. It is restful just to see him."
- William Lyon Phelps

cat hanging on door

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Run for it! I'll hold him off!"

Cat Mewvie: Kitty's favorite toy.

cat hater

Today's Kitty Komic

time for cat by weer

Feline Art: "Time For Cat" by Weer.

cat with broken jaw

Cat with broken jaw learns to smile again.
by Chris Peters

An stray cat that suffered a broken jaw when it was hit by a car has been given a new lease on life – and appears to be learning to smile again – after being saved by a vet clinic.

The young Siamese cat – dubbed ‘Duchess’ - was originally rescued last October by the Adobe Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic in El Paso, Texas who set up a community Facebook page to track her recovery.

Vet staff, including her rescuer Crystal Tate, performed surgery to repair Duchess' jaw and gave her a feeding tube to assist her recovery.

“Though Duchess’ chances of survival were slim, she was a fighter and pulled through,” Ms Tate told ABC News US.

"I ended up bringing her home with me less than a week later," she wrote on the Facebook page.

"Her jaw is still crooked and it will be for the rest of her life, but it hasn't crushed her spirit."

"She's been a part of our family since November and she walks around like she owns the house," Ms Tate wrote.

Images of Duchess' recovery process and crooked smile have been shared thousands of times on Facebook, with a growing fan base eager to see her improve.

A GoFundMe page to assist with Duchess' ongoing recovery has raised more than its fundraising goal of $3000.

Mewsings: May 5, 2015 - "A cat can maintain a position of curled up somnolence on your knee until you are nearly upright. To the last minute she hopes your conscience will get the better of you and you will settle down again."- Pam Browns

cat stuck in cat door

Gratuitous Kittiness: Old habits die hard. REAL hard.

Cat Mewvie: Scottish Fold kitten.

cat that ate the canary

Today's Kitty Komic

mona cat

Feline Art: "Mona Cat".

Mewsings: May 6, 2015 - "Your cat may never have to hunt farther than the kitchen counter for its supper nor face a predator more fierce than the vacuum cleaner..." - Barbara L. Diamond

cat in boxes

Gratuitous Kittiness: Every. Damn. Time.

Cat Mewvie: Tickle-tickle-tickle.

indoor cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

sheepard fairy cat

Feline Art: "Radical Cat" by Shepard Fairey.

cat ads

Cats not ads.
by John Kelly

The typical ad in a subway station — or anywhere, really — has one message: Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!

But what if instead the message was: Aww, idn’t he cute?

That’s the sentiment James Turner and his comrades are hoping to evoke on London’s subway system, the Tube. They’ve formed the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service — C.A.T.S. — and are trying to raise $33,000 to replace every ad in a single London Tube station with large photos of cats.

“We spoke with the ad company who deals with the Tube,” James explained on the phone from London. “They said for that kind of money we could get the equivalent number of ads to take over one of the smaller stations, something like Wimbledon or Cockfosters. If we go beyond our target, we have every chance of getting into Oxford Circus, Bond Street or Marble Arch — one of the big ones.”

A question springs to mind: Why?

Also: Why cats?

“We did have a conversation, wondering if we’d reached peak cat and should choose a different animal,” James said. “Then we reminded ourselves: There’s an infinite appetite for cats on the Internet.”

As for why do it in the first place, James insists it isn’t to make a joke. It’s to strike a cute and furry blow against the depressing drumbeat of crass consumerism.

“We are constantly faced with a barrage of advertising which tells us that buying more stuff is the route to status and happiness,” James said. “Riding the Tube, or the Metro in Washington, can be a stressful experience. And I think adverts and the sort of pressure to consume, the pressure to adopt these products or lifestyles, isn’t helping.”

He added: “Wouldn’t it be great if public spaces were designed to make you feel good rather than slightly inadequate?”

And so: cats. Lots and lots of cats — even your cat, if you pledge enough money: $144 for a little square photo on a poster; $3,595 for an entire poster shot by a professional photographer.

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service is the work of a collective called Glimpse, a voluntary network of creative professionals that practices what James calls “culture jamming.”

James said many people think there’s no alternative to what he calls “corporate control of public space.”

“We wanted to strike a small blow for sanity,” he said.

As of Wednesday, the crowdfunding campaign — details at — had about $26,000 to go before the May 21 deadline.


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