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Infinite Cat Project Archives for November 30 to December 4, 2015.

Mewsings: November 30, 2015 - "It's going to freeze," she would say, "the cat's dancing." - Colette

big tiger hug

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "Never let me go... extinct."

Cat Mewvie: Piggyback kitty.

fishmonger cat

Today's Kitty Komic

clockwork cat

Feline Art: The clockwork cat.

cats in winter

Preparing an outdoor cat for winter.
by Tedi Graham

The best place for a cat is indoors during the winter, but some cats have owners who don’t let them inside or the cats could be feral cats who are afraid of people strays who have been lost or abandoned. These cats need help surviving the cold. They need shelters, food and fresh water.
Even though they have thick winter coats to keep them warm, they still need warm, dry well-insulated shelters of the appropriate size. By asking around, you can find free or inexpensive materials to build a shelter. There are instructions on line. A friend or neighbor may have a used dog house which can be made into a good winter shelter for a homeless cat.

The size of the shelter is important. The shelter uses the cat’s body heat to warm the inside. If the shelter is too large, it will be difficult for the cat’s body heat to keep it warm. You can also use a wooden box or a cardboard box. Whatever you use, insulate all the sides with foam board, old blankets or plastic. Line the bottom with an old sleeping bag, discarded coats, fleece blankets, shredded paper or straw. Straw is best. The cat can burrow into and underneath it. Straw repels moisture, but holds moisture. The worst choices are blankets, towels and folded newspapers. They draw out the body heat when the cat lies on top of them. You can also fill a pillow case loosely with Styrofoam peanuts used for packing fragile items. It will conform to the cat’s body and wraps her in the peanuts which capture heat. Check the bedding daily. Replace it when it gets dirty or wet. Dirty, wet bedding absorbs body heat and chills the cat.

If you can, put the shelter in the garage, on a covered porch or under a carport. This can provide a bit more much needed warmth. Raise the shelter off the ground to keep the cold from seeping up through the shelter’s bottom.

To protect outside cats from hunger and thirst keep their food and water from freezing. Place the food and water near the shelters so the cats won’t have to go far in the cold. Putting the food and water under a canopy of some sort is one way to protect them. A thick plastic water bowl that is deep and wide is better than a thin plastic or ceramic bowl. You can buy a solar-heated water bowl that can keep or delay water from freezing. If the shelter is well insulated you can put bowls of dry or moist food in there. However, don’t put the water bowl in the shelter. If it spills, the bedding will be wet and cold. Feed the cat on a regular schedule so she will know when to come to eat. An adult cat eats about 5.5 ounces of canned cat food and 2 ounces of dry food a day. She will need more food in colder weather.

There are other precautions you should take during cold weather. Before starting your car give the hood a tap and check around the tires. Cats will sometimes crawl into the engine or hide underneath thecar for warmth. Keep antifreeze out of the reach of cats. Some cats find it irresistible and it is very toxic to them. For the same reason avoid salt and chemical melting products which are not only toxic but can also damage their paws. Shovel out the cat shelter when you do you driveway and walk so the cat doesn’t get snowed in.

No matter what we do, some cats prefer to stay outside in any weather. You can still keep them warm and safe for the winter.

Mewsings: December 1, 2015 - "A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

beautiful cat eyes

Gratuitous Kittiness: Oh, them eyes.

Cat Mewvie: Blind kitty plays like, well, a kitty.

cat looking atjesus fish bumper sticker

Today's Kitty Komic

saint cat by Elise Entzenberger

Feline Art: Artist - Elise Entzenberger

Mewsings: December 2, 2015 - "You can't help that. We're all mad here." - The Cheshire Cat

cat contemplating the snow

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Let it snow, baby."

Cat Mewvie: The cutest purr in the world.

comic cats in the box

Today's Kitty Komic

cat butts by gabby darienzo

Surprise Kitty Art: Here's hoping.

Cecil the Safeway cat

Cecil the Safeway cat.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A cat who likes to hang out daily at a Southeast Portland Safeway has become a social media sensation and his plight is now prompting a call for action from fellow felines.

The cat's sudden exposure earned him prominent mention on a popular national blog devoted to cat stories (yes, there is one), and sparked a Facebook page that already has more than 830 fans.
Cecil is not a stray. His owner says he just likes to visit the store, inside and out. And employees and customers take care of him. At least they did until he was banned from the store.

Allison Traynor posted a photo on Instagram and called the number on the cat's collar tag when she saw Cecil. She said no one answered, but the voicemail said, "If you're calling about my cat, Cecil, it's OK if he's at the Safeway parking lot. He likes to hang out there. I live across the street and he will find his way home when he's ready."

“I took the picture about a week ago,” said Traynor, who lives in Southeast Portland.
Cecil the cat appeared to be getting used to the lavish life of a celebrity; going wherever he wanted, lounging around and always looking pretty comfortable on camera.

“I saw Cecil cruising down the aisles,” said Traynor.

A Redditor said Cecil has been frequenting the store for at least seven years. Others say they end up buying extra treats for their own cats at the Safeway, just so they can throw a couple Cecil's way as they leave the store.

“Cecil is one of the great cats of Portland for sure,” said Ivo Bourgeois who recently took a picture of Cecil and posted it on social media.

Cecil's Facebook fan page has followers from around the world. People have posted comments and cat photos from Ohio, Illinois, even France and Canada.

“I think Cecil is a great cat and I’m not surprised in the least to see the international following,” Bourgeois said. "I think it really enhances the shopping experience.”

But with fame also comes consequences. Cecil was banned from the store on Monday, according to Vincent Barbarino, the administrator of his Facebook page.

“I'm going to miss seeing him around. He was definitely a treat,” said Traynor.

“I think that's abominable. I wish they would take that back. I think everybody loves Cecil the cat,” Bourgeois said.

Safeway officials have contacted but they have not yet responded.

As for Cecil, he did not appear to be giving up easily. On Monday night, Cecil was once again spotted at Safeway. This time, he posed for photos on a stack of soda boxes at the store.
Barbarino posted two calls for action on the Facebook page. He asked fans to sign a petition urging Safeway to allow Cecil back into the Safeway and also urged people to stage a protest by taking their own cats into the store.

"Just go shopping with your cat and be sure to stay away from the prepared foods area and open foods, as we do not want to cause trouble, we just want to show the store that we all care for Cecil," the post said.

Some people threatened to stop shopping at the Safeway if Cecil doesn't get another chance. Others said it just won't be the same without him.

“It's like seeing a unicorn in a place you wouldn't normally see it. I'll miss Cecil, definitely,” Traynor said.

Mewsings: December 3, 2015 - "I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." - Winston Churchill

heating pad ecstasy

Gratuitous Kittiness: The unmistakable lok of Heating Pad Ecstasy.

Cat Mewvie: Hypnotic, isn't it?

cats eat the stork

Today's Kitty Komic

adopt a cat for the holidays.

The Feline Arts: Adopt a cat for the holidays.

Mewsings: December 4, 2015 - "No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch." - Leo Dworken

xmas tree cat cage

Gratuitous Kittiness: Party-poopers.

Cat Mewvie: An old favorite... How to wrap a cat for Xmas.

cat christmas songs

Today's Kitty Komic

bushman cat painting

Surprise Kat Art: Words to remember.

silas the cat

Silas' second chance.
By Katie Kindelan

The amazing recovery of a Florida cat who was found covered in ants and severely malnourished has turned the cat into an Instagram star.

The cat, named Silas, was found two years ago by the oldest daughter of South Florida resident Marci Pence. Pence’s daughter, Chelsea, now 26, was walking her black Labrador when the dog kept pulling her over to a grassy area, Pence said.

“They found Silas in a pile of ants,” Pence told ABC News.

Silas the cat was nursed back to health by a Florida family and has become an Instagram star.
The family took Silas to an emergency veterinarian clinic where he was diagnosed with a lung and eye infections and deemed near-death with severe dehydration and malnourishment, Pence said.
Pence took the cat in and nursed him back to health, turning him into a healthy, 15-pound literal ball of fur.

“He got better quickly and he just is the sweetest cat in the world,” Pence said. “He’s a Ragdoll mix and when you hold him he kind of goes limp.”

“He acts like a dog, follows you everywhere, greets you at the door,” Pence said of Silas.
Silas had so many followers among the Pences' family and friends that the family joked they should get their cat his own Instagram account.

Silas the cat was nursed back to health by a Florida family and has become an Instagram star.
Pence’s younger daughter, 16-year-old Catherine, took them up on the idea. Silas now has nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram.

The cat’s before-and-after photo was the first picture.

“People went kind of crazy over that picture and he got a lot of followers very quickly,” Pence said.

“ I started maintaining it just because it got bigger and bigger.”

Pence, who works full-time as a vice president and director of operations for a local optometry practice, says she gets messages from people around the world, and those messages increase if she goes a few days without posting a new photo of Silas.

“He is a beautiful cat but it’s his personality,” Pence said of the cat’s appeal. “It’s almost like he’s thankful [to be alive].”.


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