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Infinite Cat Project Archives for November 14-18, 2016.

Mewsings: November 14, 2016 - "As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat." - Ellen Perry Berkeley

cat with big poofy tail

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "And the award for the 'Big Poofy Tail Award' goes to...".

Cat Mewvie: The saddest kitten. (Please watch to the end.)

cat poops on the bed comic

Today's Kitty Komic

cat by Yuko Higuchi

Feline Art: By Yuko Higuchi.

lost cat one-eyed chloe

Lost cat recovered after 11 years.
The Yorkshire Post

A ONE-EYED cat who went missing from her family home in Sheffield has been found less than a mile away, after 11 years.

Owner Terrie Mitchell was reunited with her long-lost cat, Chloe after she was discovered living in an overturned wheelie bin by a postwoman just a couple of streets away from where she went missing.

Mrs Mitchell believed she would never see her pet again until she spotted her on Facebook.
She had got Chloe when she was 21 and living at home with her mother, Jean.

When she moved out, she let the black, long-haired cat stay in the house she was used to.
But when her mother died unexpectedly at the age of 60, Chloe disappeared and couldn’t be found anywhere.

Mrs Mitchell believed she would never see her pet again until a postwoman who had found the cat living in an overturned wheelie bin posted a picture on Facebook.

The pair were reunited on November 5 this year, two weeks before the anniversary of the death of Mrs Mitchell’s mother.

Mrs Mitchell, a dental nurse, said: “When I saw the picture, I thought ‘Wow, that looks like my Chloe’. I was shaking and panicking.

“I was asked for proof so I ran upstairs to the attic to grab the photos I still had of her as a kitten.

Andrea Hurst, a postwoman, had been delivering a parcel to an elderly lady, who asked her to bring it to the back door.

She spotted the fluffy cat living in the wheelie bin and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

On her next round, she asked about the cat and was told it had been staying there for over six years as the woman had been feeding it but didn’t want a house cat.

Andrea asked a local cat shelter to collect her before posting on a lost and found Facebook page trying to find the original owners.

She wrote: “This is probably a long shot, but does anyone recognise this beautiful cat.
“She’s been a stray for a long time, shes been living in a back garden in Beighton Sheffield, S20 for at least 4 years.

“Unfortunately not chipped, her eye has been surgically removed, so someone loved her at some time. Would love to get her home x”

Mrs Mitchell, who says by chance the post appeared on her newsfeed, commented with praying emojis: “Omg this my cat!!!!!

“I lived in Beighton on Orchard Lane when she went missing in 2005!!!! I paid for her eye operation.

“I can’t stop shaking!!!!! Her name is Chloe - ahhh wow!!! Please whoever knows please contact me......”

Her sister, Keeley Haynes, commented: “Omg I can’t believe it!!!!!! It is chloe!!!!! Omg omg!! Mum must have been looking after her from heaven x x”

After being treated for fleas and having knots cut out of her fur, Chloe had to have more than £200 of treatment at the vet.

The vet, who confirmed Chloe was over 10 years old, told Mrs Mitchell it was a miracle.

Chloe is now settling in well at her new home and even responds to her original name.

Mrs Mitchell said: “Now I feel guilty that I didn’t search for her better because she was obviously around, the poor little lady.

“It could give hope to people who haven’t seen their pets in years.”

“She loved my mum.”

Mewsings: November 15, 2016 - "Some people own cats and go on to lead normal lives." - Unknown

cat with long tongue

Gratuitous Kittiness: Tongue got your cat?

Cat Mewvie: Synchronized kitties.

fickle kitties

Today's Kitty Komic

paper cat sculpture

Feline Art: Paper cat sculpture.

Mewsings: November 16, 2016 - "The cat has been described as the most perfect animal, the acme of muscular perfection and the supreme example in the animal kingdom of the coordination of mind and muscle."- Roseanne Ambrose Brown

cat with flower hat

Gratuitous Kittiness: "My little Easter bonnet."

Cat Mewvie: "No. No patty-cake. I have a headache."

the cat way of life comic

Today's Kitty Komic

cat sculpture made of snow

Feline Art: A rhapsody in snow.

cat shaped water cake

Cat-shaped water cake. Yes, water cake!
by Jenn Fujikawa

There’s something dividing our country and we have to confront it head on. I’m talking about the water cake. When it was unleashed on the world two years ago people went crazy, as the reactions went from pure wonderment to hysterical outrage. Who knew a dessert could be so full of controvery?

For those who may have missed out on the greatest thing that you’ve never seen, water cake is Japanese rice cake, also known as Mizu Shingen Mochi. Inconceivably, it’s both solid and liquid at the same time and if you don’t eat it within 30 minutes it disappears. Slow eaters, this is not for you.

Don’t worry, folks, it gets better; meow-ch better, because all the people complaining about the blobby lifeless shape of the water cake can now get it in cat form! Just when you think dessert couldn’t get better, put a cat on it.

Twitter user @mithiruka is blowing people’s minds with her see-through edible feline creations. The delicate shape looks just like a curled up sleeping cat, and like regular water cake, she serves it up with a side of kinako powder and brown sugar syrup.

Just how did she get that amazing cat-like shape? RocketNews24 lets us in on the secret: the water cake base is made then poured into a silicone mold cat that was bought from the Japanese home goods store MUJI. So simple, so delicate, so purrfect.

Mewsings: November 17, 2016 - "It doesn't do to be sentimental about cats; the best ones don't respect you for it." - Susan Howatch

two bored kittens

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Dad! We're borrrrrrrrrrrred."

Cat Mewvie: "Let me clean you..... Hey. HEY!"

cats party comic

Today's Kitty Komic

ai wei-wei and cat

Feline Art: Artist Ai Wei-Wei and friend.

Mewsings: November 18, 2016 - "I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior." - Hippolyte Taine

sad black kitten

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "Friday? Finally? Thank gawwwwwwwwd!"

Cat Mewvie: Kitty hates mail.

comic, truth about cats

Today's Kitty Komic

cat by yuko higuchi

Feline Art: "Octo-kitty" by Yuko Higuchi.

world's saddest cat

The world's saddest cat gets a home.
by Jenn Fujikawa

As 2016 breathes its last, venomous breath, this adorable story of hope and triumph (and cats) is what the world needs to hear.

BenBen (full name Benjamin Button) has been described as "the saddest cat on the Internet (even on his own Instagram and Twitter bios).

The ginger tomcat was brought into an Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) animal shelter as a stray.

He had deep cuts, a crushed spine and a califlower ear, seemingly having been attacked by a wild animal.

Due to the excess skin on his face, his expression appeared permanently unhappy.

According to LoveMeow, a family adopted him from the shelter but soon returned him because of his serious medical condition.

The shelter therefore deemed the cat 'unadoptable' and were prepared to euthanise him.

But one woman who worked for a vet clinic had seen him on the charity's website.
She and her partner managed to get all the paperwork sorted the day before he was scheduled to be put down.

Then they went to the shelter and brought him home.

According to the vets, BenBen wouldn't eat, drink or move, and would never walk again.
But he made an astonishing recovery.

His owners told indy100: "He was pretty 'unalive' from the shelter to our place. But when we brought him home we put him in a cat-bed in the bathroom and sat with him for about an hour."

I think he started to feel safe pretty quick because we were greeted with purrs and cuddles and so much affection. It only took about an hour before he wanted to start exploring his new surroundings.

I think at that point he knew he was safe. He knew THIS was his forever home.

Now he's walking - even running and jumping small distances - and thriving.

According to his owners, because of BenBen's spinal injuries he can barely turn his head to groom the back half of himself.

"When he tries to turn around and look at you he has to turn his whole body. He has perma-sad, but beautiful green eyes."

When he climbs stairs he has this weird bunny hop he uses to get up. And his walk looks like he almost can't bend the knees and elbows.

And his personality is so unique. I can't really describe him.

They told LoveMeow:

He's doing so well! No one who knew him before can believe he's turned out so awesome..


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