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Infinite Cat Project Archives for December 17-21, 2018.

Mewsings, December 17, 2018: "Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well." - Missy Dizick

cat attacks elf on the shelf

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "Die, stoolie!"

Cat Mewvie: Xmas Tree Cat Tree. Bravo!


cat xmas comic

Today's Kitty Komic

three cat xmas card

Feline Art: "Three Cat Xmas Card", artist unknown.

cat news

Cat friendly plants? Why, yes!
by Lauren Bowen

Cats and houseplants don’t often make a great pair. As cute as your kitty may be, there will almost certainly be times when you turn around to find her munching on one or digging in its recently watered soil. Not only is this a hassle, but many houseplants are actually toxic to cats!

To keep your pets safe, make sure you only display houseplants that are approved by the ASPCA as being non-toxic for cats (and dogs!). Here are a few that have made the cut:

Want a pet-friendly plant that still has some lush blooms? The African Violet should be your first choice. It comes in a range of gorgeous purple hues, plus it’s super low maintenance and thrives in low-light settings.

Lace flower vines look stunning in a hanging basket, due to their trailing style. Bonus: plants hung from the ceiling will certainly be out of kitty’s reach!

The bamboo palm (also called Chamaedorea elegans) is an air-purifying plant that is known for being easy to grown indoors. Keep it in bright or indirect sunlight and water only when the soil feels dry.

The name might be complicated, but the choice to get one certainly isn’t! These classic-looking orchids are such a breath of fresh air in any setting. Just be wary of letting your cat dig. Most potted orchids come with a large amount of bark.

The Aluminum Plant (sometimes called a Watermelon Plant) has beautiful variegated leaves in shades of gray and green, making it an attractive choice for any home.

Just in time for the holidays! Unlike its dangerous counterpart amaryllis, Christmas Cactus is a favorite of cat owners. While it may cause some mild intestinal discomfort if eaten, its prickly stems keep cats from getting curious. Regardless, they won’t be harmed.

Air plants are trendy, curious and (best of all) safe for both cats and dogs. Just make sure you keep them up high and out of reach! Those spindly legs are fun to chew on.

Get all the freshness of an herb garden, without the worry. Just make sure you keep a close eye on which varieties you let inside! Lavender and oregano are absolute no’s, but your cat will be safe with basil, thyme and sage.

Parlor Palm is sure to make a statement. It grows tall, like a small tree, making it perfect for corner placement in a living room or dining room.

Succulents are trending for a reason: they’re darling! Echevaria in particular is very drought-tolerant, so water it only very infrequently. Just make sure it gets plenty of light!

Mewsings, December 18, 2018: "Does the father figure in your cat's life ever clean the litter box? My husband claims that men lack the scooping gene." - Barbara L. Diamond

cat and upside down xmas tree

Gratuitous Kittiness: Kitty wants a ladder for Xmas.

Cat Mewvie: "Corey's Blue Xmas", an Infinite Cat tradition.


cat and xmas ghost comic

Today's Kitty Komic

snowman and cat art

Feline Art: "The Snowman" by Victoria Steinway.

Mewsings, December 19, 2018: "Artists like cats; soldiers like dogs." - Desmond Morris

cat sleeping on cactus

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Hey! Where's my myrrh?"

Cat Mewvie: Surviving Xmas with cats.


cat destroys ornaments comic

Today's Kitty Komic

xmas cat pyramid ornament

Feline Art: Adorable seasonal excess.

Mewsings, December 20, 2018: "It's really the cat's house--we just pay the mortgage." - Unknown

cat with broken xmas ornaments

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Mission.... accomplished."

Cat Mewvie: Wrapping your cat for Xmas. An ICP favorite.


cat pukes xmas comic

Today's Kitty Komic

santa cat riding jackalope

Feline Art: "Santa Claws and the Jackalope" by Ryan Conners.

Mewsings, December 21, 2018: "Don't let anyone tell you loving a cat is silly. Love, in any form, is a precious commodity." - Barbara L. Diamond

cat with xmas ornament

Gratuitous Kittiness: Happy Holidays, everyone!

Cat Mewvie: The Cat Carol, an Infinite Cat Project Xmas tradition.


cat xmas list comic

Today's Kitty Komic

clockworchristmas cat artk cat art

Feline Art: "Christmas Cat" by Oxana Zaika.

the iceland xmas cat

The Child-Gobbling Christmas Cat of Iceland

At Christmas time in Iceland, families give warm clothing to each member of their household.

According to legend, there is a frightening Christmas Cat who stalks the snowy countryside and gobbles up anyone not equipped for the cold and wintery weather.

Families in Iceland work together to ensure nobody will “go to the Christmas Cat”.
This terrifying Christmas Cat is also referred to as the Yule Cat.

The idea is that families gift each other new and warm clothes for the winter, and make the Yule cat an offering of some warm weather gear. If not, the Yule cat will gobble you up like some fishy treats.

The message is passed down to children, who are taught to work hard, and if they don’t/are bad children – the Christmas Cat will eat them.

Terrifying… but effective!

There is a beloved poem about the Yule Cat by Johannes ur Kotlum which describes the huge cat’s sharp teeth and glaring yellow eyes along with the belief that one must work hard for Christmas to avoid being punished by the Yule Cat.

Here’s the whole poem:

You all know the Yule Cat
And that Cat was huge indeed.
People didn’t know where he came from
Or where he went.
He opened his glaring eyes wide,
The two of them glowing bright.
It took a really brave man
To look straight into them.
His whiskers, sharp as bristles,
His back arched up high.
And the claws of his hairy paws
Were a terrible sight.
He gave a wave of his strong tail,
He jumped and he clawed and he hissed.
Sometimes up in the valley,
Sometimes down by the shore.
He roamed at large, hungry and evil
In the freezing Yule snow.
In every home
People shuddered at his name.
If one heard a pitiful “meow”
Something evil would happen soon.
Everybody knew he hunted men
But didn’t care for mice.He picked on the very poor
That no new garments got
For Yule – who toiled
And lived in dire need.
From them he took in one fell swoop
Their whole Yule dinner
Always eating it himself
If he possibly could.
Hence it was that the women
At their spinning wheels sat
Spinning a colorful thread
For a frock or a little sock.
Because you mustn’t let the Cat
Get hold of the little children.
They had to get something new to wear
From the grownups each year.
And when the lights came on, on Yule Eve
And the Cat peered in,
The little children stood rosy and proud
All dressed up in their new clothes.
Some had gotten an apron
And some had gotten shoes
Or something that was needed
– That was all it took.
For all who got something new to wear
Stayed out of that pussy-cat’s grasp
He then gave an awful hiss
But went on his way.
Whether he still exists I do not know.
But his visit would be in vain
If next time everybody
Got something new to wear.
Now you might be thinking of helping
Where help is needed most.
Perhaps you’ll find some children
That have nothing at all.
Perhaps searching for those
That live in a lightless world
Will give you a happy day
And a Merry, Merry Yule.
Iceland is no stranger to frightening folklore. Perhaps living through days of prolonged darkness will make any culture believe in trolls and ogres. In fact, there is another Icelandic tradition regarding the trickster Yule Lads and their mother Gryla who kidnaps, cooks, and eats disobedient kids. In that legend, Gryla is the Yule Cat’s owner as well. It’s one big, baby-eating family for Icelandic Christmas!!


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