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Infinite Cat Project Archives for November 4-8, 2019.

Mewsings for November 4, 2019: "To some blind souls all cats are much alike. To a cat lover every cat from the beginning of time has been utterly and amazingly unique."- Jenny de Vries

cat sleeping in front of store

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: Cat not for sale.

Cat Mewvie: Lunch with Li'l Bub.


cats out of the bag comic

Today's Kitty Komic

cat in blue knit cap art

Feline Art: "Blue Hat" by Kukushonok.

Mewsings for November 5, 2019: "There are people who reshape the world by force or argument, but the cat just lies there, dozing, and the world quietly reshapes itself to suit his comfort and convenience."
- Allen and Ivy Dodd

yawning  cat

Gratuitous Kittiness: Anatomy of a yawn.

Cat Mewvie: This cat gained more yardage than Saquon Barkley.


money in the kitty comic

Today's Kitty Komic

purple cat portrait art

Feline Art: "Sophia" by Sanjana Baynath.

Mewsings for November 6, 2019: "Places to look: behind the books in the bookshelf, any cupboard with a gap too small for any cat to squeeze through, the top of anything sheer, under anything too low for a cat to squash under and inside the piano." - Roseanne Ambrose-Brown

cat in yellow mold

Gratuitous Kittiness: "I don't suffer from schizophrenia. I quite enjoy it. And so do I."

Cat Mewvie: The Human Cat Tree.


cat meets death comic

Today's Kitty Komic

butterfly cat art

Feline Art: "Butterflies In the Stomach" by Heidi Taillefer.

Mewsings for November 7, 2019: "A cat can maintain a position of curled up somnolence on your knee until you are nearly upright. To the last minute she hopes your conscience will get the better of you and you will settle down again." - Pam Brown

cat sleeping in packing material

Gratuitous Kittiness: Cat for sale. Still in original packaging.

Cat Mewvie: Owlkitty goes long.


cat helps make bed comic

Today's Kitty Komic

watercolor cat  art

Feline Art: "Spots" by Natallia Vallukevich.

Mewsings for November 8, 2019: "You can't own a cat. The best you can do is be partners."
- Sir Harry Swanson

in front of fireplace cat

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Yeah, I'm good. See you in Spring."

Cat Mewvie: "Mlew."


cats and gravity comic

Today's Kitty Komic

yarn cat art

Feline Art: "Cat vs. Yarn" by Dan Tavis.

cat news

Cat News & Notes for November 4-8, 2019.

Does catnip really make cat 'high'?

What is inside Egyptian cat mummies? (It's not always cats.)

Why do we think cats are unfriendly?

A collection of cat trees that are more like modern art.

Family-compatible cat breeds.

Shelter cat is an escape artist, both for him and his friends.

Rogue cat steals the show at Cowboys-Giants football game.

The basics of cat grass for, well, your cats.

How cats sleeping in your bed affect your help.

Fictional cats as gay icons?


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