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Cat Tales brings you an ever-expanding cavalcade featuring the majesty and mysteries of the feline world. These stories are often heart-breaking as uplifting but they're all fabulous as they're about our favorite fur-balls.

Jupiter's Tale - Little kitten with a big heart. New!
Smokey, the World's Loudest Cat - Yes, there is one.New!
Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag - Especially at 5000 feet.New!
Why Do Cats Do That? - Now you know.New!
Basic Rules for Cats - Obey, or perish. New!
Almond, the Tree-Loving Cat - Almond has lived his whole life sitting in a tree. New!
World's Longest Cat - Yes, the world's longest cat. New!
Louis, the Travelling Cat - The cat that never said die. New!
Jack Tripper - The amazing eyeless kitty. New!
The Cat and Warren Ellis - Warren bids farewell as only he can.New!
Cat On the Dovrefjell - A Norwegian folk tale. New!
Cat Labeled "Cat" - A cat with the words "cat" in its fur. New!
Married to a Crazy Cat Lady - Yes, this is what it's like. New!
The Boy Who Drew Cats - A Japanese folk tale. New!
Elliot, the Feral Cat - A  poem. New!
Cat Diseases - A humorous look at cat afflictions. New!
Robo-Cat - The first cat with an artificla knee implant. New!
Kitten Toes - Life is measured by kitten toes. New!
Behind the House - A short story, with cats. New!
Man Marries Cat - Yes, a man married his cat. New!
Unsinkable Sam - The Royal Navy Cat. New!
Cat Games - Rules for the games your cats play. New!
Stubby's Tale - Short tale and a short life. New!
Just Love Me - A bedraggled kitten finds a home. New!
Ketzel, the Composer Cat - Meet the cat that writes music. New!
The Zen of Cat Greeting - Or, "How to be a Cat Magnet." New!
More Than "Just A Cat" - The little buggers grow on you. New!
Our Leo - In memory of one great cat.
Police Cat - Definitely the "good cop".
The Christmas Cat - A wicked little Xmas poem.
Older Cats - Adopt a senior cat. They need love, too.
Wanted: The Perfect Cat Adopter - No pressure.
Just another Stray - Where is YOUR kitty?
Christopher, the Miracle Cat - Or "Guardian Angel" or "Wonder Cat"... take your pick.
The One-In-A-Million Cat - Literally.
Half-Tail - When it's man vs. cat, guess who wins?
Chase, the Cat Without a Face - It's what's inside that counts.
Kitten Attack - They're small, they're fluffy, they're cute and they're trying to kill me!
Goodbye Old Jack black - Escorting a gentleman home.
Cat Rescuer Hotline - There's just no excuse.
The Cat With the High School Diploma - Yes, it really happened.
Twelve Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs - Only twelve?
Casper, the Bus-loving Cat - 20,000 miles of buses, in fact. I love these kinda stories.
The Best Cat Puke Story Ever - It really is!
Farewell Fine Cat - Goodbye, beloved Moose.
Things the Cat Dragged In - The gift of... critters.
It's Just Stuff - Stuff may come and stuff may go, but love and purrs are timeless.
Cat Walking in Wales - Three ginger cats on a spree.
The Bus-Riding Mystery Cat - Why walk when you can ride.
Cat Bathing Do's and Don'ts - Yeah, that's self-explanatory enough.
Calling Dr. Tiger - He helped save his owner's life.
Carbon Pawprint - How your kitty effects the biosphere.
The Bastard Cat - A Craigslist poem.
Who's Teaching Who - Yes, it's true! Humans can be taught.
Zoe the Earless Kitten - She lost her ears but gained a home.
I Love Cat Puke - A story every cat lover will understand.
The Church Cat - Lesson: Do your job, be friends to all, and they'll write poetry about ya.
Homer's Odyssey - A  blind cat with no limitations.
Argentinian Guard Cats - Stray cats protect lost waif. Tarzan lives!
The Acupuncture-Lovin' Kitty - Yes, acupuncture for your cat.
The Four-Eyed Feline - In a "contact lens" sense of the word.
A Real Cat Burglar - He'll steal more than just your heart.
Dewey Readmore Books - The million-dollar library kitty.
The Service Cat - I didn't know they existed, either.
How To Give A Cat A Pill - An hilarious "How-not-to".
A Farewell to Bob Valdez - In Heaven the mice are fat and slow.
Scarlett, the Hero Cat - The final chapter in the life of this famous kitty.
Please Find Homes For My Children - Helping those who are left behind.
Forever Luna - One cat after another.
Chloe, The Car-Surfing Cat - Enjoying the breeze the hard way.
May The Four Ears Be With You - Yoda, the four-eared kitty
Why Cats Blink - Yeah, what's with that creepy stuff?
The Thing About Sharks and Cats - Flying sharks and the cats they love.
I Cleaned Up Your Mess Again - Regardless of age, they're all special.
Blind Agatha & the Burglar - A tail one thief won't soon forget.
Hex, the 6-legged Cat - Separation is painful.
Mary Frye - A Poem Of Love And Loss.
Mabel Stark - Greatest Lion Tamer Ever!
Artificial Insemination - An Unfortunate Review.
How To Calm A Cat In Heat - Take This With A Grain Of Salt.
The Cat From Beyond The Grave - A Strange Tale Of Companionship.
Bentley's Balls - A Case Of Neutering Gone Amusingly Awry.
The Cat In The Garbage Disposal - It's Not What You're Thinking.
Not MY Kitten - An Adoption Tale We Call Can Relate To.
Precious Irish - A Blind Cat And Her Very Devoted Partner.
An Oakland Xmas - A Christmas Cat Tale.
The New Pet Rules - A Memo To The Family Dog And Cat.
Christopher - A Love That Will Never Be Forgotten.
The Grossest Cat Story Ever - You've Been Warned.
Broke Back Boris - A most remarkable recovery.
Attack Kitty - Armed and adorable.
New Friends - Lesssons learned when old enemies become room-mates.

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